Grow you must. But profitably.
I am an independent consultant on business and corporate strategy. I work with senior management teams to help
make firms competitive, grow rapidly and   profitably in a sustained manner. My work cuts across industry sectors ranging
from electronics to engineering, paints to pharmaceuticals, software to shipping, and telecom to technology.
Ability to change the game by breaking rules, and the need to make trade-offs. Strategy is the manner in which
a firm attempts to achieve competitive edge on its journey. Choice implies trade-offs: if you follow one,
you cannot follow another.
Never allow desire to overrule caution and common sense. Be conscious of the risks and consequences of failure.
Take help of experts to carry out due diligence, assess risks, gains, and fallouts. Turn back, if necessary.
No harm is done if a deal is called off.
CONSULTING EXECUTIVE EDUCATION TEACHING Be wary of catching the summit fever

Most of my work involves consulting. I help medium and large companies from diverse industry sectors, to formulate and execute strategies that create value for their customers, make them competitive and fuel growth and profitability. I also conduct management development programmes for senior and middle managers. Most of this work is tailored to specific needs of organisations. Occasionally I design, develop and conduct open enrolment programmes on subjects like strategic decision making, strategies for growth, game theory, etc. MORE.

In order to grow, it is necessary to learn. Senior managers are often hard pressed to find time to educate themselves. The boundaries of management knowledge are expanding rapidly.  Therefore, from time to time I conduct open enrolment and custom management development programmes in the areas of strategy, strategic thinking and entrepreneurial leadership. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, directors and senior managers from a wide spectrum of industry have attended my programmes. MORE

I teach Strategic Thinking to MBA students in Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore. For ten years I taught in IIM Ahmedabad. They are the top two business schools in India. I have also taught in IIM Calcutta, Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur, Mudra Institute of Communication Ahmedabad (MICA) and Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Bangalore, all premier business schools in India. MORE


A Question of Leadership

AQoL is my video (3 minute episodes) series about ordinary and extraordinary stories of leadership from business, politics, and society.

In times of constant flux, as we are witnessing in this century, astute leadership will be the difference between success and failure, wellbeing and misery.

Perspectives on Strategy

Strategy is everywhere. In business, politics, sports, economics, and even in relationships. However, the understanding, approach and application of strategy depends on the situation and the players involved.

“Perspectives on Strategy” is my monthly newsletter series that I ran from 2012 till 2018. It comprises articles and anecdotes about my interpretation of strategy in various real life scenarios.

What people say…

“Working with you for nearly a year has made such a deep impact on me personally and on CUMI as a company. We always use your teachings on Competitiveness, Building Sustained Competitive advantage and Creating Customer Value. Your words that, “Growth is not a Strategy; only a consequence of building sustained competitive advantage” is a learning that none of us will ever forget. Thank you once again; you are our ‘Guru’!

K. Srinivasan

Managing Director, Carborundum Universal Ltd.

“You are great as usual VN. It is a great pleasure to have your association with us always. I am sure we have a lot to gain from your knowledge and experience.”

Anil K. Jain

Sr. Vice President, Wipro Infotech

“From where do you get the energy to regularly deliver and conduct these high-level workshops??! Wonderful, and congratulations.”

Atul Tandan

Former Managing Director of J.L. Morrison India Ltd. & Former Director of MICA

“We found your contribution as a business strategy consultant immensely useful. Your inputs with regard to strategic mapping, looking at the big picture and creating new streams of revenue for the firm are deeply appreciated.”

Vijay Kumar H.P,

Director, Advanced Fiber Systems Pvt. Ltd.

“It was an appropriate programme and I’m sure the whole team will gain from it.”

Arijit Bonnerjee

General Manager, IBM Mumbai.