On Execution:"The debate on what is more important - strategy or execution - is fashionable but not substantive. Can one be without the other?".

My Thoughts

My insights encapsulate the areas of Strategy development, Marketing excellence and Value-based Leadership.

I believe that good leadership is grouted in values – personal and organisational. It is independent of success or failure. Yet, it is the vital ingredient of long-term success. And strategy is the work of leadership.

Rapid commoditisation of products and markets are eroding margins. Global competition is threatening the very existence of the complacent and unwary. Without strategies to create and sustain competitiveness, companies will earn mediocre profits at best; at worst they will shrivel and die.

Firms need to look beyond cost reduction, quality improvement and customer service. My emphasis has always been on seeking strategies that focus business processes towards creating compelling customer value. But that is not enough. Customers compete to appropriate a share of the value firms create. Managers must, therefore, ensure the company captures a fair share of the value they create.