On Execution:"The debate on what is more important - strategy or execution - is fashionable but not substantive. Can one be without the other?".

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  1. NASSCOM Emerge Forum Bangalore, 19 February 2010: presentation and address titled Better      Decision Making – Avoiding Decision Flaws.

2. Centre of Leadership and Behavioural Studies, Naval Base Cochin, Southern Naval Command,         Indian Navy, 25 March 2010. Game Theory and applications in naval warfare.

3. NASSCOM Emerge Forum in Bangalore on 15 May and in Mumbai on 8 July 2009: presentation and address titled What Highly               Successful Companies Do.

4. Address in residential conference of Indian Small Scale Paint Association, Kerala Region, Kochi on 24 May 2009. Title Strategic                Thinking for SMEs

5. Keynote address delivered in national seminar ‘Strategies for Sustainable Growth of Indian Industries in Present Scenario’                    organised by Babu Banarasi Das Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad on 04 April 2009.

6. Marketing during global meltdown: what beyond cost cutting? Presentation as panellist in Marketing Expo organised by                        International School of Business and Media, Kolkata, 22 January 2009.

7. Smart Marketing in Economic Downturn, presentation as panellist in Business Gyan seminar titled Smart Marketing, Bangalore,16      December 2008.

8. Convergence and Strategy, address in seminar on Convergence of Technologies for Rapid Development, in Babu Banarsi Das                 Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad, 15 September 2007.

9. Panelist in Discussion on Social Capital, TA Pai Management Institute, Manipal, 23 November 2007.

10. Panelist in seminar on Indian Industrial Policy and Global Competition – a view from industry, IIM Bangalore, 21 August 2005.

11. Panelist in seminar Strategies in Today’s Wireless World, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Bangalore, November 2002.

12. Competitiveness – From Tactics to Strategy, presentation to members of Bangalore Management Association & IIM Calcutta                 Alumni Bangalore Chapter, Bangalore, 27 February 2002.

13Competitiveness – From Tactics to Strategy, presentation to members of Madras Management Association, Chennai, 22 January           2002.

14. Address on competitive strategy in 9th Quality Summit: Building Global Competitiveness, Bangalore, 28-30 November 2001.



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