"Truly stressful decision making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking"

– Malcolm Gladwell –

PoS – Perspectives on Strategy (Archive)

Strategy is everywhere. In business, politics, sports, economics, and even in relationships. However, the understanding, approach and application of strategy depends on the situation and the players involved.

“Perspectives on Strategy” is my monthly newsletter series that I ran from 2012 till 2018. It comprises articles and anecdotes about my interpretation of strategy in various real life scenarios.

Here is the full repository of the PoS issues I wrote in course of six years.


 I was enjoying lunch with friends on a pleasant December afternoon, when my phone rang.More.

Sometime in 2012, a small company in Tamil Nadu (India) developed manure containing natural plant growth hormones, from seaweed. More.

A very important quality of the strategic mind is the ability to foresee a sequence of events one’s actions or strategies can trigger. More.

A critical aspect of strategic thinking is the ability to determine one’s strategy in the game at hand by anticipating games in the future. More.

The May 2018 state legislative assembly election in Karnataka (India) reveals interesting applications of Game Theory. More.

A strategist’s mind examines a problem from the point of view of other players that compete with, buy from, or supply to us.​ More.