"Truly stressful decision making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking"

– Malcolm Gladwell –

PoS – Perspectives on Strategy (Archive)

Strategy is everywhere. In business, politics, sports, economics, and even in relationships. However, the understanding, approach and application of strategy depends on the situation and the players involved.

“Perspectives on Strategy” is my monthly newsletter series that I ran from 2012 till 2018. It comprises articles and anecdotes about my interpretation of strategy in various real life scenarios.

Here is the full repository of the PoS issues I wrote in course of six years.

As this tumultous year draws to a close, here is a consolidated edition of my Perspectives on Strategy during 2019. More.

Effective September 1, 2019, the new traffic rules in India imposed large fines for violations. On the average penalties have been increased 4 to 5 times. More.

How accurately do we measure the real risk in risks we take in our personal and professional lives? Often we do not do it well enough. More.

My January post appears to have touched a chord. Many readers wrote to share their opinion. The overwhelming majority felt Venkat’s incentive scheme would fail. More.

When Maharashtra Assembly election results were declared on October 24, 2019 it was a foregone conclusion … More.

There is hardly a company today that does not have an incentive program for managers. For CEOs and senior managers bonuses are hefty. More.

On a chance visit to the Swaminarayan Temple in Kolkata recently I heard an interesting anecdote on the importance of taking the long view. More.

Venkataraman Aravind is an experienced sales manager. Venkat has made a successful career for himself in B2B firms. More.