“Strategic direction is more important today. It's about providing a framework for managers to navigate through the fog of complex chokes. No company can avoid this."

– C.K. Prahalad –

Competing for Strategic Growth


  1. The emerging nature of markets – opportunities and challenges
  2. The financial imperative for growth
  3. Searching for growth
    • Growth in core areas and outside
    • Growth in ‘adjacent’ or ‘related’ markets
    • Using the Customer Need toolkit to grow
    • Growing by redefining business
    • Using the Customer Need toolkit to grow
  4. Managing risk in diversifications, mergers and acquisitions – key issues
  5. Sustaining growth by building competitiveness
    • Leveraging capabilities, sidestepping disabilities
    • Competitiveness from activities and processes
  6. Caselets: interactive discussions

Who was it for?
Companies and senior managers who are consumed by the passion to grow their businesses will find the programmes invaluable. It is for pragmatic people who recognise the need to build strong foundations for their companies even as they seize opportunities.

Participants in the workshop Competitive Business Strategies for Growth are likely to be forward thinking CEOs, directors, entrepreneurs and their direct reports.

For Marketing Strategies for Growth, Vice Presidents and General Managers of sales and marketing and their direct reports will be perfect candidates.

Content of the two workshops complement each other strongly. Some may, therefore, wish to attend both workshops.

What participants said
“Great insight into marketing trends.”
– Kashinath Joshi, Sr. Director, Symphony Services.

“Looking at the same problems, existing dogging issues (of my company) from a different perspective.”
– Ram Sirupurapu, Executive Director, Integra Micro Systems.

“The programme illustrated clearly, through crisp examples and case studies how careful definition of problems and careful thinking about fundamental questions can provide answers that have substantial impact on business direction and growth path.”
– P. Jayakumar, Project Manager, Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd.