"Truly stressful decision making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking"

– Malcolm Gladwell –

Assignment: Executive education on business strategy and its formulation


Client:  A $250 Mn Indian software and technology services company. The rapidly growing company serves customers – many of them Fortune 500 firms – in USA, Europe, India, Asia PAC and Australia.


  • Executive education and capacity building as a part of leadership development programme in a specific business division of a software services company.
  • Strategy formulation and deployment in the firm’s largest business unit, to reverse the declining margin and profitability trend in spite of rapid revenue growth.


  • Executive development of approximately 25 senior managers of a business unit. Subject of training: Business strategy and how to formulate it.
  • Enable and facilitate strategy development of the largest business unit of the Company.

Services provided: 

  • Conducted a two day highly customised workshop for senior managers of the designated division. The workshop was designed to educate and sensitise leadership team of the Division on strategy.
  • Conceived and wrote project briefs for managers to work on in groups, over 12 weeks post workshop. Projects were formulated after extensive discussions with the division’s leadership and a cross-section of participating managers about their business, initiatives and challenges. Assigned the groups six projects, guided and advised them in completing them and helped the CEO evaluate projects and participants. Two projects are being implemented by the Division to enhance their competitive advantage.
  • Studied and analysed history of Division’s performance of last three years, and developed a highly customised strategy formulation workshop for the global operations and leadership team of the Company’s largest business unit. Conducted the workshop, and provided guidance and impetus for the CEO and the leadership team to develop business strategy. The strategy was approved by the Board of Directors. Guidance on execution of Division’s strategy is continuing.