“Strategic direction is more important today. It's about providing a framework for managers to navigate through the fog of complex chokes. No company can avoid this."

– C.K. Prahalad –

Game Theory for Strategic Pricing


  • Pricing behaviour in different markets
  • Simultaneous Games – theory and applications
  • Game of Prisoners’ Dilemma
  • Dominant Strategy and Nash Equilibrium
  • Bilateral and Co-operative Games
  • Sequential Games
  • Rules and Tools for decision-making
  • Application in business

Who was it for?
Those who play a decisive or influencing role in pricing of products, services and projects. Businesses that relied significantly on tenders have found the programme especially useful.

What participants said
“Great insight of price behaviour.”
– Sumeet Khurana, Director, Western Floors Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

“The course opens up a number of dormant thinking cells.”
– Sajid Mahmood, Director of Marketing, Raddisson India, New Delhi