“Strategic direction is more important today. It's about providing a framework for managers to navigate through the fog of complex chokes. No company can avoid this."

– C.K. Prahalad –

Assignment: To help achieve sustainable profitability for a mid-sized Indian paint and coatings company.

Client: A mid-sized Indian paint and coatings company, subsidiary of an international paint company that is itself a subsidiary of the world’s largest paint company.

Assignment: The firm had set a blistering pace of revenue growth over the previous five years but had remained marginally profitable. The assignment was to develop and help execute the firm’s strategy to achieve sustainable profitability.

Project: Conduct audit of the Company’s operations and strategy. Suggest and enable them to formulate their competitive strategy. Guide and assist Managing Director and senior managers to implement it.

Services provided: Conducted detailed audit of costs, margins, profitability, production, sales and marketing operations of the firm. In discussion with the Managing Director developed the business strategy of the Company and presented it to the Board of Directors. On approval of the proposed strategy have worked with select managers and the Managing Director to initiate and implement programmes in marketing, inventory management and order servicing. Applied Theory of Constraints and helped client to develop production planning and inventory control systems that dramatically improved order servicing. Projects in other areas are ongoing.