“Strategic direction is more important today. It's about providing a framework for managers to navigate through the fog of complex chokes. No company can avoid this."

– C.K. Prahalad –

Entrepreneurial & Strategic Leadership


  • The entrepreneurial spirit and the manager’s role. Search for growth opportunities and formulation of strategy
  • The Resource Based View of the firm a modern framework of strategy
  • The roles of motivation and volition in the psyche of exceptional leaders
  • Leadership secrets from the life of Ernest Shackleton polar explorer extraordinaire
  • Leadership in the modern corporation – synthesis of entrepreneurship and strategy

Who was it for?
This workshop is for managers who need to think and act like successful entrepreneurs, who keenly wish to become better leaders and strategists.

What participants said
“The synthesis of E&SL (Entrepreneurial & Strategic Leadership) itself will be my take-away from the programme.”
– Dr. Vinay Dabholkar, Engineering Manager- Terminal Device Solutions, Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd.

“VN has presented complex concepts in a nice and simple way, making it a process of discovery.
– P. Ramachandran, GM Marketing- Tubes, Tube Products of India.

“At this juncture in my career, when I need to carry forward my division’s growth, the inputs I gained are AWESOME!”
– T.T.P. Shaheel, GM- Sales (Flavour Corporate), IFF India Ltd.

“The best part was to understand how an entrepreneur is different from a trustee-type manager.”
– N.K. Gupta, Program Manager- TD- MDS, Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd.